Guerrilla Beirut T-shirt

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Purple acid wash tee. SIZING RUNS A BIT SMALL!!!

A group of the Guerrilla FC community came together during confinement to form Guerrilla Liga Almaza - a Football Manager league whose name pokes fun at Ligue 1 Uber Eats. For those who don't know, Almaza is Lebanon's most famous (and mediocre, sorry) beer.

When we made this t-shirt for the guys in the league, Lebanon's national currency had inflated by around 80 percent. Half the country had fallen below the poverty line and many of them were food insecure. We decided to send all proceeds to the Lebanese Food Bank (and we were able to send 300 Euros!)

Then Tuesday happened. More than 300,000 Beirutis are now homeless. Food insecurity is worse than before, hospitals need supplies, over 150 people were killed and thousands injured.

All money from this will go to organizations like the Lebanese Red Cross, the Children's Cancer Center, or split among other organizations working on the ground and helping the most vulnerable - including refugees and domestic workers toiling under the terrible Kafala system.

If you don't need another t-shirt but want to donate, you can donate to the Lebanese Red Cross here

Or if you want to donate to another organization and want some advice send us an email

T-shirt design by Justin Salhani and Carine Mechref
Logo design by Zach Moore
Nobody snitch and tell Almaza