Our Culture

Created as a space for those unappreciated by American soccer society,
Guerrilla FC began as a football club and quickly grew into an eclectic crew working on an array of creative projects.

Where there is crisis, there is a possibility of revolution - Socrates (the Brazilian one)


Today, Guerrilla FC is a creative studio and streetwear brand inspired by football culture. Guerrilla FC's studio works on creative projects with brands and professional clubs, helping them tap into their authenticity and engage with fans and communities.

The crew grew up on Riquelme's nutmegs in the blue and yellow of Boca and Zidane's roulettes in a 98 France kit. The artistry of the past is an influence but we're rewriting the future of football culture in our own image.

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well that it becomes an art. - Arsène Wenger

Portfolio available upon request.


The crux of everything is the Guerrilla FC community - a group of over 100 ballers, fans, and creatives.

This is a community working to build a new football culture in the US. One that shares the Guerrilla FC values of creativity, diversity, and subversion. For this community, football is not a game. It's a way of life.


FC's with the Guerrilla name play weekly in DC and San Francisco.
Guerrilla Futsal Club runs weekly pickup in DC's Petworth neighborhood. 

Other activations and events put on by the community occur throughout the year in our base cities.


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