Top 10 football boots of 2017 / by Justin Salhani

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Salhani

After a long season of highs and lows, all true footy fans are gearing up for the Confederations Cup (snore). And whereas stars like Cristiano will surely be showing off their flashy new boots, here at Guerrilla FC Headquarters we want to take a look back at the boots that defined this past season and could define the coming one.

1. Puma Evotouch Pro

Released in September 2016, these are a mid-collar cut boot with a supple leather upper added to a modified ankle cut styling. Visually, this boot recalls a seventies look that would suit a player with the panache of Cryuff or Maradona. They come in a black and neon green colour scheme oozing flair without sacrificing control. Puma’s made some classic boots in their day and this looks to be another one.

2. Adidas Predator The Tongue Edition

Today, Paul Pogba is arguably the most marketable Adidas football athlete with his quick feet, cerebral play, and dope hair cuts and dabbing (hi haters). But in the early 2000s, the game belonged to David Beckham.

In 2001, England was in trouble. They ran the risk of missing out on the 2002 World Cup. It came down to the wire in a game against Greece. The midfield so many pundits labeled world class were struggling to put up a performance. The likes of Stevie Gerrard, Nicky Butt, and Paul Scholes couldn’t find a breakthrough.

In the game’s dying minutes, England was awarded a free kick. Up stepped Becks in his classic Predators to curl the ball into the net. He put his nation into the World Cup and his boots into our hearts.

Sixteen years on and Adidas has remade these beauties in a limited edition release. If you are about the free kicks these are the boots for you.

3. New Balance Visaro Pro


New Balance is pretty new to the boot game. But these gems are giving them a damn good start. These are covered in a Galaxy Black/Ultraviolet Blue camouflage pattern which takes inspiration from the Poisonous Dart Frog, one of the most poisonous creatures on the planet. This is a bold, yet unique look that is sure to make a statement on pitch..

Later this season they released the 2.0 version of the boot -- a limited edition worn by Arsenal & Wales star Aaron Ramsey. The design were based on Ramsey’s tattoos -- a pretty dope concept we’d like to see repeated with someone like Ricardo Quaresma.


4. Ryal Dribbling

Ryal is a throwback, Italian company that still makes handmade boots. When word went out that they were making their first high cut soccer cleat most people didn’t believe it. It is known as the Ryal Dribbling -- an all-black Kangaroo leather boot without a tongue and a neoprene technical sock which forms the boots collar. The boot costs $150 and is handmade in the Tuscan town of Fucechio. It’s a steal considering it will be custom made specifically for you. It’s also a refreshing switch of gears from the increasingly colourful, synthetic boots we see Nike and Adidas dropping every year.

5. Puma One Chrome


These are a limited-edition boot that offer a new concept by adding a synthetic microfiber that by default features a leather solution. These (plus your skill set) will surely make one stand out on the pitch.

6. Puma Vigor Black 

Noticing a theme here? The core concept here is a softer, more flexible boot to allow your foot to move freely. Comes with three primary pieces which are the inner spandex sock, the 3D AccuFoam dots, and the ADAP-LITED foam which makes up the outer shell of the boot.

7. Anta X Enjoyz

How many of you have heard of Chinese sportswear brand Anta? Well, they’ve linked up with Chinese football boot and kit website Enjoyz to bring you the first ever football boot designed via a collaboration between a news website and a sports manufacturer. A split design, the right shoe of the Anta Lion Enjoyz edition is turquoise blue with red and white, while the right shoe is red with turquoise and white details. The boot features Anta's logo and the bold lettering Enjoyz on the instep. A lion graphic on the outsole and the heel area as well as geometrical pattern on the inner side round off the unique designs of these cleats.

8. Concave Volt


Most boot experts say these Concaves are pretty comfortable and don’t take long to break in. All I care about is how they would look when rocking the Borussia Dortmund kit. Black and Yellow, Black and Yellow!

9. Under Amour Spotlight Blackout LE 

This are a a black camo style boot aimed at ensuring players can wear their boots with the utmost confidence and comfort. This would look brilliant with our Guerrilla FC kit.

10. Nike Tiempo Totti X Signature Boots

This season father time finally forced the King of Rome to abdicate his throne. Nike thanked him by making a limited-edition boot for the King himself. An all-gold, full-leather upper combined with subtle black detailing on the tongue makes these boots as legendary as Totti himself.  A rose Gold metallic sole rounds off the truly unique design alongside a prominent “Totti” writing across the heel section.