How to stay up with Guerrilla FC / by Justin Salhani

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Most of you probably follow us on a social media platform. When we prepare drops, we do most of our teasing on Instagram - with a bit less on Twitter and Facebook. The thing is, we’re always looking to the future. And for us, social media is losing some of its luster.

We want to be looking down at our phones less. We’d rather be connecting with the world around us - hanging with friends, going out to shows, or playing ball. But we also realize how important these platforms are for staying connected with our community.

That’s why we’ve set up a mailing list. By signing up for this list, you’ll get a few privileges, including:

- news of drops before anyone else
- exclusive discount offers
- event invitations and news

And just so you rest easy, be sure of a couple things. We won’t sell your information and we won’t spam you (expect at most 2-3 emails a month).

We’re scheming a couple of events for this summer. And, as always, we’re working on the next apparel drops.


You can sign up by going to or going to the home page and clicking at the link at the bottom of the page. And in the meantime, check out the new lookbook for the Spring Collection or peek the new releases in the shop.

Words Justin Salhani - founder of Guerrilla FC