Guerrilla FC x SSUR: World Cup Collab / by Justin Salhani


To mark the World Cup in Russia this year, we wanted to do something a bit different. That's why late last year, we took a shot in the dark and approached Ruslan Karablin, founder and designer of SSUR. Our idea was ambitious. We wanted to collaborate on a piece or series of pieces to release in alignment with this year's tournament.

Russ was born in Ukraine and grew up in New York. He's got shops in Odessa, LA, and NYC. And SSUR's authentic messaging in the streetwear game has made them a favorite for a lot of Guerrilla FC's community since the start. Our two brand's values align and share a lot of the same DNA - particularly when it comes to subversion.


The first piece was released on June 14 - the day the World Cup kicked off. It's a longsleeve shirt with SSUR and Guerrilla's logos and the Russian word for 'cocktail' emblazoned across the front. They'll be in our shop soon.


Will more come from this union? We can't say just yet...