Evolution: the story behind our 2018 Spring Collection / by Justin Salhani


Much like all Guerrilla FC creations, our latest drop - the Spring 2018 Collection - is influenced by football culture. And football culture is not simply what happens on the pitch, the terraces, or when a ball is in motion.

Football culture is youth culture, because it was as youth that this game infiltrated our lives and decided our futures. We wore our socks over our trackpants so they wouldn’t get in the way of our first touch at training. When the weather was cold, we’d wear a hoodie under our warmup jacket. Then, because we liked the swagger, we rocked this shit at school.

This look defined us as footballers or at the least, enthusiasts of the game. Growing up in the late 80s or 90s in the US, football was a subculture. If you saw a kid in Sambas or wearing an Adidas track jacket two sizes too big, you knew you had a potential ally against the baseball kids.

The most interesting part today about football gear is that society decided it is no longer gear strictly for football (but you already knew that, because you’ve been stunting on kids since grade school). The same should be said for our Spring Collection.

Our styling and shots (by Gabriele Lopez) of Patti, Anna, Alice, and Cristian took place in Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the global capitals of high fashion but it’s also a place up with the latest trends. Streetwear is massive here. There’s also a burgeoning creative football culture.


The shoot catches Patti looking contemplative and classy. We’ve matched our ゲリラ T-shirt with bright red leggings and a casual faux-fur coat. Anna’s soul-piercing gaze is caught in the BLACKOUT kit, which is complimented by a fluffy, pink-metallic colored jacket and a colorful headpiece. Alice meanwhile wears an olive green army jacket and purple gloves with the Shortsleeve Hoodie, which is also worn by Cri under a leather jacket with the matching Double Diamond trackpants.

These aren’t the clothes you throw on for a game of pick up or a morning jog. They’re all comfortable as hell, but that’s not why you wear them. As was always the case, Guerrilla FC’s apparel is just one part of our mission to create a holistic culture inspired by football.

This drop and the connected lookbook also show our new direction. This five-item release is the first in what will be a new series of challenging tangents we’re interested in exploring.

In 2018, we’re planning to flesh out our streetwear line. We’ll still be working with Umbro on certain products but we’ll also be releasing Guerrilla FC original apparel. We’ve got a few collaborations on the way that we hope will shatter the fourth wall limiting brands like ours to a niche.

And we hope this is just the beginning. I told Urban Pitch recently that “I firmly believe people who are up with us don’t want us to simply repeat what we’ve already done. Human beings are constantly evolving and growing. As long as we continue to have a strong message behind our projects our base will grow and evolve with us.”

Words Justin Salhani

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