Guerrilla Football Club kicks off season 9 / by Justin Salhani


Guerrilla Football Club kicked off on a balmy June evening in Northwest DC. As captain Adrian Kidaman stepped on the pitch, he had the unenviable task of putting together a lineup with a group of players that had hardly spoken to each other, much less created tiki-taka interplay. With several new members, this iteration of Guerrilla FC began this season's inaugural match slightly off kilter.

With seasoned veterans Werner Brito and Champion Slye leading the way, the team began to gel going into the break. The second half of the match was a back-and-forth affair, but a suspicious light outage threw off the team and at full time Guerrilla FC walked off with a loss that many would say was undeserved.

With one match down and a practice session with the American University Deaf Squad on the books, the team felt better prepared for match two. Newcomers Chris Bowerbank and Ryun Holder came in to shore up the defense and keeper Jimmy McCray singlehandedly kept the opposing team off the scoresheet. Ben Anderson, on a welcome return from injuries, went on a beautiful run down the right flank and attempted a toe-poke finish, but the veteran's chance glazed the topside of the crossbar. A wondergoal from Anthony Han (who also got megged by a 40-year-old) could not save Guerrilla FC as match two also ended in defeat.

While the losses were tough to take, the tell-tale signs of creativity and effort on the pitch were plain to see from the burgeoning squad. Looking toward the future, Guerrilla FC will continue to do what it has always done: create art on the field and get megs.

Words Jon Lim
Edits Justin Salhani