Guerrilla FC presents: Ultras Scarf / by Justin Salhani

Every club needs a supporter scarf. Guerrilla FC's Ultras and players don this beauty and fans can find it in our team shop.

The yellow camouflage print on the reverse side represents our flair as footballers and creatives. The front side displays the world 'infiltrate' in Korean, a nod to our community's diversity and international flavor. The camo banana is a creative concept, inspired by GFC's own Travis Akiwowo, that pushes the boundaries of football fashion.

A few weeks ago, five members of the community met up in Northeast near Union Market and took part in a photo shoot led by Guerrilla's own Magee McIlvaine. The array of photos acts as a guide for those trying to wear the coolest scarf in football. 

Scarves made by @DiehardScarves