Guerrilla FC in our own words / by Justin Salhani

Raymond An:

Football has been a passion of mine since I was a kid.  Playing outside all day, everyday brought me the greatest joy. The football pitch (whether that be in the concrete apartment parking areas in Seoul or the turf fields of northern Virginia) was a place where I always found peace.  As my youthful days where I could play everyday are now behind me, I wanted to relay my passion of playing the beautiful game and be part of a community where we embrace the culture while also growing the culture. Guerrilla FC, for me, is a place where people of the same interest come together where we dont see football as just a sport, but sees it as a big piece of our lives.

Bennett Grubbs:

Guerrilla FC a social space for footballers to pursue the utopian image of the game.

There are plenty of good sides in the DC area and beyond that are competitive and in tough leagues. Yet, you get the sense that a lot of teams sacrifice style in the pursuit of victories. No player at our age should be asked to be a conservative defender who does not wonder far away from his goal or a target striker that spends most of the game knocking down long balls. Guerrilla is committed to the freedom that encourages getting forward and shares the goals.

Julian Forte:

Guerrilla is many things to me: It's an awesome group of guys who are down to put our heads together to strive toward something great. In a city like DC where a sense of "community" or identity is often lacking, Guerrilla is an effort to fill that void. It's a springboard where creatives can find unique opportunities tied to their passions and meet others in the area who have similar minds.


John Keiran:

A futbol collective. A group of guys interested in more than just the 90 minutes on the pitch. A group with a passion for not only the game itself, but all the culture behind it.





Justin Salhani:

I see Guerrilla FC as a representation of my values as someone who is passionate about football. It's the culmination of the lives of passionate footballers and football fans who have been let down by the American soccer system and its confused identity. We are trying to build a club with an identity and a culture. We feel that is what is lacking from the majority of MLS and other professional clubs in the States. We want to build something that players, supporters, and community members can be proud of, identify with, and express their creativity off the pitch, as well as on it.

Ryan Symons:

Guerrilla for me is, above all else, a community. We are a group of guys that enjoy our football and would rather talk about Pep Guardiola's tactical evolution from Barcelona to Man City than about how 'powerful' and 'fast' Kyle Walker looks on the flanks for the Spuds and the Three Lions. It also represents somewhat of an alternative to the standard D.C. amateur soccer scene. We try to play positively; possession based, attacking football with bits of creativity mixed in to allow a form of individual expression. For me, that's the football I enjoy and anything else kind of pales in comparison. Guerrilla, for me, is also the start of a movement. A movement away from your typical American soccer culture in D.C., to an environment that fosters a more intellectual understanding and approach to the world's game.