World Cup 2018 Event: Maketto & Guerrilla FC / by Justin Salhani

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The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia starts on June 14.

During the tournament, the tv is on non-stop. You'll see France play Australia. Colombia play Japan. Nigeria play Iceland. And you'll be invested in every single one of them - whether you support them or not. That's just the unwritten rules of the World Cup. But first, there's Saudi Arabia vs Russia.

And after that first match is over, put on your dopest threads and come out to 1351 H St NE. We're hosting a football culture event at Maketto - the district's illest retail-restaurant hybrid.

Original Guerrilla FC apparel will be for sale, including some new pieces. Entry is free. But if you throw down $10 you'll enter a raffle for a Guerrilla FC BLACKOUT kit (1 of <15 in existence.)

We'll release more details soon. But below is a quick FAQ.


Can my friends come?
Definitely. Bring your roommates or your teammates. 

Will there be music?
Yeah. You might be able to dance a bit. Or just hang, chat, and nod your head.

What's the dress code?
There is none. If you come straight from work, that's cool. If you have time to change - think streetwear inspired by football. Bring the PSG tracksuit for 10 FC points. Expect at least one Nigeria World Cup kit sighting.

What's the scene?
Come to chill and hangout. There will be drinks and definitely some football talk.

Can we rage?
Nah. You can have fun. Just behave yourself. 

Can I get Guerrilla FC gear there?
Yessir. We take cash, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. We'll have some classics and some new pieces too.

Parking situation?
Street parking is available. It's Thursdays so you won't get that weekend H St. rush. But there's drinks so if you plan on drinking please use the Metro, bus, or taxi/Uber/Lyft.

Any celebrities coming?
We invited Goldlink but he's busy so that's a maybe. Adrian Kidaman will be there though.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Email Justin - He'll answer you ASAP.