Best weekly football writing, Oct. 23 - Oct. 29 / by Justin Salhani

 Look this way for the weekly reads! (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

Look this way for the weekly reads! (Photo courtesy of Twitter)

Each week, Guerrilla Magazine’s EIC, Justin Salhani, will bring you links to the best writing about football from around the internet. Here’s what we’re reading over at Guerrilla FC headquarter’s this week...

The new order: A.S. Velasca, art and football
Glenn Billingham, These Football Times

Here’s a profile on Milan’s third team. With the big two struggling to excite the city, Velasca has emerged as half artistic project and half footballing project, culminating in an expression of the city’s identity that has been lost by Milan and Inter. We here at Guerrilla believe that football is art, and Velasca seriously concurs. In this piece, Billingham profiles the club’s mission while also asking independent artists (who somehow don’t even like football) about Velasca’s artistic credentials.

“It’s a small aim and a hope to attract more people from Milan, yes. Perhaps some fans of Milan and Inter are bored, they can come here and have fun and join us,” Co-founder and vice-president, Loris Mandelli, told TFT.

Let's Look At Ourselves Before We Talk About Others
Mallam Goal blog

An interesting critique of the institutional and philosophic problems with British football. A lot has been written in recent weeks about Pep Guardiola and how his ideals will translate to English football (prediction - they’ll do just fine). So Mallam Goal took it upon themselves to ask English football to exercise a bit of introspection, including taking a look at the ex-professional and nepotistic nature of punditry.

Julian Nagelsmann: prodigy of Thomas Tuchel who rejected Bayern Munich
Raphael Honigstein, Guardian

At 20 years old, Julian Nagelsmann picked up a career-ending knee injury. Thomas Tuchel, now in charge of Borussia Dortmund, was his coach at the time and turned him into a scout. On his way to coaching Hoffenheim, he rejected a position coaching Bayern Munich’s under 23s (and the charm offensive of Pep Guardiola). Last year, Hoffenheim’s manager had to resign due to a heart problem and Nagelsmann was named his successor in what one local paper labelled a “public relations stunt.”

He succeeded in staving off relegation last year. Since his appointment, only Germany’s big two have acquired more points than Nagelsmann’s Hoffenheim.

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