Best weekly football writing, Oct. 9 - Oct. 15 / by Justin Salhani

 It'd be a lot easier to read the website than scribble all the articles down on your gloves, Petr.

It'd be a lot easier to read the website than scribble all the articles down on your gloves, Petr.

Each week, Guerrilla Magazine’s EIC, Justin Salhani, will bring you links to the best writing about football from around the internet.

The Horror of Petr Cech’s Head Injury
Ed Hawkins, Bleacher Report

Ten years ago, Reading’s Nicky Hunt crashed into (then Chelsea keeper) Petr Cech, ending his match and his hair’s freedom. Since that unfortunate incident, Cech has donned his protective helmet. A brilliantly written recounting of the incident with some fascinating details (did you know Cech is a triplet?!), this story also follows Hunt’s career since the incident (he’s not sorry for the challenge).

The unique frustrations of rooting for Southampton FC
Kevin Alexander, Howler

I’m sure fans of Southampton in England have their own frustrations, but Alexander follows the team from Minnesota. He tells the story about how he settled on supporting a team that was in League 2 as recently as 2012. A clever account of the disgruntlement felt over buying jerseys of players repeatedly sold to more successful clubs (basically Liverpool).

Desert Fire
Jack Losh and Sebastien Rabas

This is actually a documentary, not an article, but the story of Kurdistan’s participation in the CONifa World Cup captivates. Kurdish people inhabit Turkey, Syria, Iraq, and Iran but the closest thing they have to a state is the autonomous region of Kurdistan in northern Iraq. Some members are former Iraqi national team members. Others fight with a group opposing ISIS called the Peshmerga (English: Those who face death). No borders means no Fifa membership, so Kurdistan participates in the CONifa World Cup with teams including former Soviet states unrecognized by any country other than Russia, Koreans in Japan, Romani people (often called gypsies), and right wing separatists from northern Italy.

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