Best weekly football writing, Oct. 2 - Oct. 8 / by Justin Salhani

 The players will be out, Carlo. Right after they read these stories.

The players will be out, Carlo. Right after they read these stories.

Each week, Guerrilla Magazine’s EIC, Justin Salhani, will bring you links to the best writing about football from around the internet.

The Dawn of Kosovo's Football Nation
James Montague, Bleacher Report

Politics, war, refugees, and football. In this article, James Montague (author of Thirty-one Nil) tells the story of the Kosovo football federation and their battle with FIFA to allow their talented foreign diaspora (many of whom have already represented other countries) to play for the national team in UEFA World Cup Qualifying.

Howard Gayle: I needed mental resilience to survive as Liverpool’s first black player
Excerpt from Gayle’s autobiography, Guardian

When Gayle was a child, Liverpool’s Tommy Smith was a hero to him. When Gayle grew older and started playing for Liverpool’s first team, his hero became a villain.

“As the first black player, my situation was unique,” Gayle writes. “I had to show a greater mental resilience to survive and succeed.”

Gayle faced racial slurs from people like Smith. But he also faced racially-loaded language from friends and allies on the team - something many footballers still face today at all levels of the game.

The Prodigal Son
Donnie Kwak, Ringer

Tottenham is probably one of Guerrilla FC’s least favorite clubs. Ok, now that we got that out of the way, we can say that this piece on the Spud’s Son Heung-min is worth the read. Son is shining bright (I’ll get my coat) this season for Tottenham, but the lack of glory he’s experienced with South Korea means he may have a big problem in his near future.

South Koreans are required to fulfil military duty (21 months) before they turn 28. Military service can be comped if they earn an Olympic medal or gold at the Asian Games. Son is 24, so the clock is digitally changing numbers at a regular pace (technology ruins cliches).

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