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The Revolution is Spreading by Justin Salhani

Guerrilla FC’s latest cell is infiltrating a new city.

At its heart, Guerrilla FC is more than a football club or a brand. It’s a movement. It’s where forward looking creatives and footballers come together to create new realities. That was the case in 2016 when our first cell was launched in DC and that’s the case now.

San Francisco is being overrun by the tech giants of Silicon Valley. The city’s culture at large has suffered significantly in recent years, and the football culture has struggled with it.

As some of the city’s largest pitches were converted into parking decks, a new community of outcasts formed. Meeting through a series of pick up games, this group coalesced to oppose the culture engulfing this city. The revolution is spreading and a new Guerrilla FC cell is infiltrating San Francisco’s 7-a-side leagues.

More details coming soon.

How to stay up with Guerrilla FC by Justin Salhani

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.28.38 PM.png

Most of you probably follow us on a social media platform. When we prepare drops, we do most of our teasing on Instagram - with a bit less on Twitter and Facebook. The thing is, we’re always looking to the future. And for us, social media is losing some of its luster.

We want to be looking down at our phones less. We’d rather be connecting with the world around us - hanging with friends, going out to shows, or playing ball. But we also realize how important these platforms are for staying connected with our community.

That’s why we’ve set up a mailing list. By signing up for this list, you’ll get a few privileges, including:

- news of drops before anyone else
- exclusive discount offers
- event invitations and news

And just so you rest easy, be sure of a couple things. We won’t sell your information and we won’t spam you (expect at most 2-3 emails a month).

We’re scheming a couple of events for this summer. And, as always, we’re working on the next apparel drops.


You can sign up by going to guerrillafc.com/contact or going to the home page and clicking at the link at the bottom of the page. And in the meantime, check out the new lookbook for the Spring Collection or peek the new releases in the shop.

Words Justin Salhani - founder of Guerrilla FC

Evolution: the story behind our 2018 Spring Collection by Justin Salhani


Much like all Guerrilla FC creations, our latest drop - the Spring 2018 Collection - is influenced by football culture. And football culture is not simply what happens on the pitch, the terraces, or when a ball is in motion.

Football culture is youth culture, because it was as youth that this game infiltrated our lives and decided our futures. We wore our socks over our trackpants so they wouldn’t get in the way of our first touch at training. When the weather was cold, we’d wear a hoodie under our warmup jacket. Then, because we liked the swagger, we rocked this shit at school.

This look defined us as footballers or at the least, enthusiasts of the game. Growing up in the late 80s or 90s in the US, football was a subculture. If you saw a kid in Sambas or wearing an Adidas track jacket two sizes too big, you knew you had a potential ally against the baseball kids.

The most interesting part today about football gear is that society decided it is no longer gear strictly for football (but you already knew that, because you’ve been stunting on kids since grade school). The same should be said for our Spring Collection.

Our styling and shots (by Gabriele Lopez) of Patti, Anna, Alice, and Cristian took place in Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the global capitals of high fashion but it’s also a place up with the latest trends. Streetwear is massive here. There’s also a burgeoning creative football culture.


The shoot catches Patti looking contemplative and classy. We’ve matched our ゲリラ T-shirt with bright red leggings and a casual faux-fur coat. Anna’s soul-piercing gaze is caught in the BLACKOUT kit, which is complimented by a fluffy, pink-metallic colored jacket and a colorful headpiece. Alice meanwhile wears an olive green army jacket and purple gloves with the Shortsleeve Hoodie, which is also worn by Cri under a leather jacket with the matching Double Diamond trackpants.

These aren’t the clothes you throw on for a game of pick up or a morning jog. They’re all comfortable as hell, but that’s not why you wear them. As was always the case, Guerrilla FC’s apparel is just one part of our mission to create a holistic culture inspired by football.

This drop and the connected lookbook also show our new direction. This five-item release is the first in what will be a new series of challenging tangents we’re interested in exploring.

In 2018, we’re planning to flesh out our streetwear line. We’ll still be working with Umbro on certain products but we’ll also be releasing Guerrilla FC original apparel. We’ve got a few collaborations on the way that we hope will shatter the fourth wall limiting brands like ours to a niche.

And we hope this is just the beginning. I told Urban Pitch recently that “I firmly believe people who are up with us don’t want us to simply repeat what we’ve already done. Human beings are constantly evolving and growing. As long as we continue to have a strong message behind our projects our base will grow and evolve with us.”

Words Justin Salhani

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Disruption: the story behind our latest kit by Justin Salhani

GuerrillaShoot (26 of 32).jpg

Every piece of clothing tells a story. The fabric, the materials, the design, all send a message from the maker.

At Guerrilla FC, our story, as we often repeat, is one of revolution and cultural change. For us, each piece is not created for simple commercial purposes but to elicit a feeling and spread a message. Of course, commercialization is part and parcel of this business - we are building a brand after all - but we strive to ensure our values always stand above our bottom line.

I’ve worked as a journalist for the last seven years. My job has been to tell other people’s stories. This requires a lot of listening, a lot of observing, and a lot of seeking to understand the world around me. I will never stop doing those things, but now I also want to tell my own stories. And Guerrilla FC is one of many vessels where I can.

Our latest kit collaborations with Umbro sends that message out into the world. Through writing this, I hope to communicate what that message is a bit clearer.

New kit releases are often viewed solely on platforms like Instagram. Responses take emoji form or that of a solitary word (dope, clean, fresh!). Instead of a disposable reaction, ideally, these kits would be a gateway to a deeper discussion of what a piece means and what it means to us. The philosopher Albert Camus said in his essay, Create Dangerously, “Every great work makes the human face more admirable and richer, and that is its whole secret.”

For us, this kit is an attempt to improve the human condition by focusing on the theme of revolution. This piece is an impetus to question why things are and if this is how things must be. Each detail speaks to that.

The use of the leaf pattern on the front allowed us to stay true to the camouflage base we’ve used in the past. The reflective and holographic leaves (for the Home Kit) and numbers (both) are not only a statement in that they’ve rarely, if ever, been used on a football kit before. They’re an experiment of what is possible on a football kit. You will never see this element mass produced on a shirt - it’s too expensive to produce. So why did we do this? Because we could. And it just so happened it also looked dope to us.

Our logo of the monkey in a Che Guevara-style beret is easily recognizable. The fact our badges are white-on-white actually makes that logo less visible. This is a signal to look closer. The imprint of our logo is still there in great detail but it’s the leather material that shows the quality of the product.

On the back, the Cyrillic font is definitely an aesthetic choice. The use of this font by brands like Gosha is a clear trend, but there’s also more to it for us. The World Cup in Russia is a clear connection this year, but we also want the Cyrillic to symbolize our complexity as a storytelling brand and football club while sending a political statement against the various human rights violations that the Russian regime commits. That’s not to excuse the vast history of American imperialism or the current administration either - Fuck Donald Trump.

The most important detail of the shirt though is perhaps the most understated. The 11 hashmarks on the sleeve represent the eleven years Marxist philosopher Antonio Gramsci spent in prison under the Italian fascist regime. That doesn’t mean our gang is a group of raging Marxists (is a group of Marxists called a gang, group...gaggle?).

For me, one of the central themes addressed in Gramsci’s writing was cultural hegemony. In simple terms: the forces that control the ideas that define our culture. Gramsci believed we needed more than just politics or new laws to change the world around us. We have to disrupt the ideas that shape us if we want to make a change in the culture at large. But what does that mean in the context of Guerrilla FC?

Our pieces - our kits, our other gear, our art, and even our football - is all a part of that culture. The stories we tell through our gear hope to expand the realm of what we can accomplish - not just on a kit but in life. Our pieces strive to disrupt. On a micro level, we seek to disrupt the corporate control over what a football kit is or should be. We seek to disrupt the line between football, fashion, creativity, and art.

A football kit won’t solve world hunger or reduce carbon emissions. But it can play its part in taking the mind to new arenas of thought. It can inspire us to think about how to build a better society and create a culture more focused on humanity.

Words Justin Salhani - founder of Guerrilla FC
Edits Mat Nashed

Guerrilla FC's Kit 2.0 by Justin Salhani

Words Justin Salhani
Photo Alejandro Davila Fragoso

On March 17, 2017, the guys at Guerrilla FC unveiled our new kit. A dashing greyscale camouflage print done by Macron was Guerrilla-ized and printed with details in gold, hot raspberry pink, white, and black.

The aim was to build a fashion item -- something you can wear off the pitch as easily as on. The reception was incredible. Below, we link to some of the articles that covered our new kit.

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