My dream 5-a-side: Ryan Symons / by Justin Salhani


Ryan Symons is the Chief Strategist of Guerrilla FC. He submitted his 5-a-side before the big news that Arsène Wenger wouldn't be carrying on next season and as a big Gunner he is gutted.

Where I grew up, we played 5-a-side with no keeper so I am going to leave the keeper out and start out in the back.

CB Patrick Viera
He's an Arsenal legend (come back!) and a top footballer. I also don't buy into the notion that you need pure defenders in small sided matches. He'll be a good physical presence who can read the game from the back, with great technical ability, and will make marauding runs forward. Everything you'd ever want in a 5-a-side back.

LCM Paul Pogba
I want a bit of flair in my midfield - someone that can both ball on their opponent and control the game with great technique and eye for the pitch. I also want someone that can attack and be creative from a more removed position. Don't let Jose's use of Pogba fool you - he's a #10.

RCM Jack Wilshere
I also want a Brit with good technique in my midfield (and also a Gunner). Jack is the perfect combination being an annoying POS to opponents, aggressive, and technically sound. Jack would be that guy you hated playing against because he was so quick and good in small spaces and would then kick the shit out of you while defending and not get called cause there were no refs. Really allows the playmakers to playmake, while not sacrificing the quality.

Free Ronaldinho
This speaks for itself. I want Ronny to embarrass every opponent every time he touches the ball, free space for the striker, and play as someone who sparks creativity in others. If he doesn't have 5 megs a game, it's been a bad game.

ST Thierry Henry
Henry is everything. Pure goal scorer, great technical quality, quick, and a good head for the game. All I picture is him coming in from the left and curling the ball inside the right post 10 times a game - minimum - in small sided.  

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Salhani