My dream 5-a-side: Champion Slye / by Justin Salhani


You may have seen Champ doing the rounds on Guerrilla FC's Twitter account (ed note: Yo twitter support, get this sorted!). When not with us on the pitch he spends most of his days as a freelance media specialist. On the pitch, whatever the game demands he will deliver. Here's his five a side.

GK Gianluigi Buffon
Buffon's presence in the box and calmness in times of panic are his best assets. He is one of the greatest keepers to ever play the game and was doing it before some of us were even born. He's also adapted his game with the times.

Def Roberto Carlos
This left back inspired a whole generation of fullbacks to attack. He was the player that never backed down. He was tenacious down the left flank and was always in on tackles. He read the game fairly well and yeah, he had that sick left foot that could power through the Berlin wall if it was called upon. Funny how Roy Hodgson didn’t rate him in his Inter days.

Mid Ronaldinho
Ronaldinho would play at the base of midfield just for fun. He is the king. He brought joy to a generation that was being constantly pushed to a more civilized style of play. But through all this the man would always be smiling, no matter how bad it got. He is one of those players who understood that football is a spectacle and should always be fun.

Mid Lionel Messi
Alongside him would be the greatest player the world has ever seen. Nothing more needs to be said. We all know he is the best. Period.

Fwd Ronaldo
O Fenomeno was a pure goalscorer blessed with the physique and technique most would die for. He’d be bagging the goals left, right, and center. We're unfortunate that injuries robbed us of his talents.

Subs Cristiano Ronaldo & Zinedine Zidane
Two kings.

This team personifies Champ as skillful player who can get down and dirty if the need is there.

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Salhani