My dream 5-a-side: Justin Salhani / by Justin Salhani


Justin Salhani is a football purist. He's also the guy who has been behind Guerrilla FC since the get-go. He lives in Milan now so he's no longer a regular with Guerrilla Football Club but he still leads everything on the brand and conceptual side.

First, a disclaimer: my 5-a-side won't include Lionel Messi. I think he's the greatest player of all time, but my team isn't built to win. We're built to entertain, to suffer, and to experience the human condition. After we leave the pitch, we will have succeeded only if we've learned from our failures and grown as people.

In goal, I will have Gianluigi Buffon. His anticipation is the best I have seen from a goalkeeper. In a small sided game, I think a player like Ederson would be more useful, but Buffon has the perspective and personality to help us battle through hard times and face the darkness together.

At the base of an interchanging diamond, I would play Andres Iniesta. He is one of the most technical, skillful, and intelligent players I've ever seen. He's always calm, he combines well with players and excels at dribbling out of pressure.

On the right of the diamond, I would have Juan Roman Riquelme. His rhythm and control of the game would dominate any 5-a-side and the combination play between him and the others would be a work of art.

On the left of the diamond, is Zinedine Zidane. The most graceful player to ever step on a pitch. He can dazzle with the most simple of touches. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 5.44.06 PM.png

Up top, I would have Dennis Bergkamp. He's a player who got as much joy out of an assist as a goal and was another incredible technician. 

My manager of course would be Arsène Wenger because of his values as a man. He's someone who could teach all our players not just about sport but humanity and philosophy.

The team would be quite slow in big spaces. But I think we'd rarely have to chase the ball considering our superior level of technical quality and intelligence. All of our players bring a strong focus and have a higher ideal about football - beyond winning and losing. 

Justin Salhani is the founder and creative head at Guerrilla FC and lowsocks creative.

Words Adrian Kidaman - captain of Guerrilla Football Club