My dream 5-a-side: Werner Brito / by Justin Salhani


Werner Brito is the Guerrilla FC assist king. He joined us a few seasons ago and quickly
established himself as an integral part of the squad. An architect by trade Werner is always
creating on and off the pitch hence his nickname 'L'Architetto'. 

Def Paolo Maldini
At the back Werner chose Paolo Maldini. He went against the grain of getting a keeper.
Maldini is one of the best readers of the game. His technical ability is one of the most
underrated attributes. Maldini is known world-wide for his defending but people forget that
he could play anywhere. His intelligence and reading of the game would come in quite
handy in Werner’s team and his calmness under pressure would be key for the

DM Sergio Busquets
At the base he would have Sergio Busquets. Not the most physical imposing of players but his ability to keep the ball is unrivaled and maybe among the best of all time. What he would bring is control and tempo of the game.  Yes, he might not be physical but why do you need
physicality if your technical ability is up top?

Mid Andres Iniesta
On the right he would have the DON. Yes, he would have Andres Iniesta. Not much needs to
be said about this pick. Iniesta is one of those players who makes you watch in wonder. Technically brilliant but at times he beats you with just simple things. For all his brilliance and fancy things people always overlook his ability to make the game look so simple.

Mid Juan Roman Riquelme
On the left he would have Juan Roman Riquelme - one of Argentina’s forgotten sons. Riquelme was a boss on the ball. He could get out of the tightest of spaces. For those who haven’t heard of him do you due diligence and get in on the Riquelme world. You’d be amazed by the things he did on the ball.

Point Pablo Aimar
Up top he would have 'El Payasito' Pablo Aimar. He was that guy on the pitch who was skinny and short but always had tekkers. He was a defender’s nightmare when driving at you. He was influential in his Valencia days and inspired the great Leo Messi. His ability to be
everywhere would put all defences on their hills, whether it’s him bossing it and dictating
from deep or running down the wing he caused issues everywhere.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.29.04 PM.png


For Werner, control and care for the ball is what is important. All his
players can control the ball in tight places. It's not the most physical of teams but who needs physicality when technique is on madness.

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Olivier Salhani