10 best football pieces at END Clothing by Justin Salhani

END Clothing is one of the best spots online to find menswear. We've dug through their extensive catalogue to find 10 of the best pieces to stunt in if you're in or around football culture.

1. Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Bball Soccer


These strangely named (Bball Soccer?) shoes come in two colorways. The design is simple and classic. You could wear these to ball but for $275 you might want to save these for our pop up on June 14.

Buy here and here.

2. Gosha Rubchinskiy x Adidas Football Tee


This shirt comes in multiple colorways but the navy/orange one is my favorite. It'll set you back $129 but with a Russian World Cup this summer and an in-vogue post-Soviet aesthetic, you could do worse than Gosha.

Buy here.

3. Fred Perry x Miles Kane Tricot Track Jacket


All black with a gold zipper and gold logo for $109.

Buy here.

4. Adidas Consortium x Naked Track Pant


Sleek for $145.

Buy here

5. Adidas Originals by Alexander Wang Track Top


In deep maroon, because you can't just wear black all the time. This will set you back $269 but at least it's not called a Bball Soccer top.

Buy here.

6. Gosha Rubchinskiy x Adidas Track Pant


Are we just recycling designers now on this list? Nah. Lime green and white for the more adventurous or nihilistic of you guys. $129. That's just $64.5 per pant leg.

Buy here.

7. Adidas Jersey Tees


Ok, football hipsters. Here's your reward for sticking through the Gosha and AW listings. For $85 you can get tees featuring these classic kit designs. Or you could just go out and buy the new kits based off these throwbacks. Either way, you'll look fresh.

Buy Germany, Argentina, Colombia, or Spain.

8. Puma T7 Track Jacket 'B-Boy'


This B-Boy Track Jacket is an anorak but you already knew that. It costs $79.

Buy here.

9. Marcelo Burlon x Kappa Tape Track Top


At $449, this is by far the most expensive item on this list. But it's dope though, right?

Buy here

10. Diadora BJ88 OG Track Jacket


The most colorful item on this list clocks in at $169.

Buy here.


This is just a sampling of the items over at END. If you're feeling the vibe, also check out our shop or come by Maketto on June 14 for our World Cup event.

Words Justin Salhani

World Cup 2018 Event: Maketto & Guerrilla FC by Justin Salhani

InstaPost - LuckyCat.png

The FIFA World Cup 2018 in Russia starts on June 14.

During the tournament, the tv is on non-stop. You'll see France play Australia. Colombia play Japan. Nigeria play Iceland. And you'll be invested in every single one of them - whether you support them or not. That's just the unwritten rules of the World Cup. But first, there's Saudi Arabia vs Russia.

And after that first match is over, put on your dopest threads and come out to 1351 H St NE. We're hosting a football culture event at Maketto - the district's illest retail-restaurant hybrid.

Original Guerrilla FC apparel will be for sale, including some new pieces. Entry is free. But if you throw down $10 you'll enter a raffle for a Guerrilla FC BLACKOUT kit (1 of <15 in existence.)

We'll release more details soon. But below is a quick FAQ.


Can my friends come?
Definitely. Bring your roommates or your teammates. 

Will there be music?
Yeah. You might be able to dance a bit. Or just hang, chat, and nod your head.

What's the dress code?
There is none. If you come straight from work, that's cool. If you have time to change - think streetwear inspired by football. Bring the PSG tracksuit for 10 FC points. Expect at least one Nigeria World Cup kit sighting.

What's the scene?
Come to chill and hangout. There will be drinks and definitely some football talk.

Can we rage?
Nah. You can have fun. Just behave yourself. 

Can I get Guerrilla FC gear there?
Yessir. We take cash, credit card, PayPal, or Venmo. We'll have some classics and some new pieces too.

Parking situation?
Street parking is available. It's Thursdays so you won't get that weekend H St. rush. But there's drinks so if you plan on drinking please use the Metro, bus, or taxi/Uber/Lyft.

Any celebrities coming?
We invited Goldlink but he's busy so that's a maybe. Adrian Kidaman will be there though.

Who can I contact if I have questions?
Email Justin - justin@guerrillafc.com. He'll answer you ASAP. 

My dream 5-a-side: Omar Al-Banna by Justin Salhani

  Omar (right) in his infamous pants

Omar (right) in his infamous pants

Omar is the youngest member of Guerrilla FC. He's got a reputation for quick feet and a terrible selection of pants (the American kind not the British kind.) An alumnus of University of Maryland, Omar's alter ego labors as a civil engineer.

GK Iker Casillas
Having spent around 25 years with Real Madrid, Casillas stands as a symbol of loyalty to me in an era of modern football that has seen a growing culture of transiency in players and managers moving around chasing money and glory. Before he was shipped off to Porto after a shaky three-year period under Mourinho and Ancelotti, San Iker’s career with Madrid saw him earn numerable domestic and European honours that helped propel him to cult status among Madridistas at home and abroad. Noted for his leadership skills out the back, Casillas would make the ideal captain for my five-a-side team.

Def Paolo Maldini
A player that dedicated his life to one team, Maldini was a work horse whose tenacious grip on the game led him to receive praise from some of football’s finest talents. Noted for his ability to read the game and his technical skill on the ball, Ronaldinho was once quoted saying that one of the things that impressed him about Maldini was that “when he was on the ball, he did not look like a defender, but rather an elegant midfielder”. This only pays tribute to his being regarded as a complete footballer, an essential quality for a 5-a-side team.

Mid Johan Cruyff
In my opinion, few if any have contributed to football more than Cruyff. Not only did he enjoy an illustrious career as a player, but one as a manager as well. With his remarkable understanding of the game, Cruyff’s philosophies have been adopted by numerous youth academies in Europe as well as a generation of managers that applied it successfully in modern football (*cough* Guardiola *cough*) (ed- are you okay, Omar?). What really drew me to selecting him for my team was his beginnings on the streets of Amsterdam where he began developing his instincts that set him up to become one of football’s greatest icons.

Mid Zinedine Zidane
My favourite player and one of the greatest minds to have graced the game, Zizou was a playmaker whose elegance and demeanour enchanted millions, myself included. Of course, that was when he wasn’t head-butting other player in fits of anger, arguably testaments to his burning passion. Having only watched him towards the end of his career, his performances at the 2006 World Cup were ones that drew me to football in a way no other player could. To only add to his story, his vision of the game allowed him to come back to football after retirement and ascend Real Madrid’s managerial hierarchy to become one of the Madrid’s most successful coaches in only over two years at the helm. His vision and insight on the game only complement those of Cruyff and Maldini.

Screen Shot 2018-05-09 at 12.07.20 PM.png

Fwd Ronaldo
Growing up, I didn’t see other kids wanting to be like players as much as they wanted to be like O Fenomeno. On the international stage, his flair with the ball only served to make Brazil synonymous with skillful football. Every glory hunter and their mother were fans of the Brazilian team for which Ronaldo served as poster boy. What really captivated me about him was his remarkable dribbling and finishing talent which I could not and still do not really know how to explain. I could not think of a better number 9 for my team.

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Salhani

My dream 5-a-side: Werner Brito by Justin Salhani


Werner Brito is the Guerrilla FC assist king. He joined us a few seasons ago and quickly
established himself as an integral part of the squad. An architect by trade Werner is always
creating on and off the pitch hence his nickname 'L'Architetto'. 

Def Paolo Maldini
At the back Werner chose Paolo Maldini. He went against the grain of getting a keeper.
Maldini is one of the best readers of the game. His technical ability is one of the most
underrated attributes. Maldini is known world-wide for his defending but people forget that
he could play anywhere. His intelligence and reading of the game would come in quite
handy in Werner’s team and his calmness under pressure would be key for the

DM Sergio Busquets
At the base he would have Sergio Busquets. Not the most physical imposing of players but his ability to keep the ball is unrivaled and maybe among the best of all time. What he would bring is control and tempo of the game.  Yes, he might not be physical but why do you need
physicality if your technical ability is up top?

Mid Andres Iniesta
On the right he would have the DON. Yes, he would have Andres Iniesta. Not much needs to
be said about this pick. Iniesta is one of those players who makes you watch in wonder. Technically brilliant but at times he beats you with just simple things. For all his brilliance and fancy things people always overlook his ability to make the game look so simple.

Mid Juan Roman Riquelme
On the left he would have Juan Roman Riquelme - one of Argentina’s forgotten sons. Riquelme was a boss on the ball. He could get out of the tightest of spaces. For those who haven’t heard of him do you due diligence and get in on the Riquelme world. You’d be amazed by the things he did on the ball.

Point Pablo Aimar
Up top he would have 'El Payasito' Pablo Aimar. He was that guy on the pitch who was skinny and short but always had tekkers. He was a defender’s nightmare when driving at you. He was influential in his Valencia days and inspired the great Leo Messi. His ability to be
everywhere would put all defences on their hills, whether it’s him bossing it and dictating
from deep or running down the wing he caused issues everywhere.

Screen Shot 2018-04-24 at 1.29.04 PM.png


For Werner, control and care for the ball is what is important. All his
players can control the ball in tight places. It's not the most physical of teams but who needs physicality when technique is on madness.

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Olivier Salhani

My dream 5-a-side: Ryan Symons by Justin Salhani


Ryan Symons is the Chief Strategist of Guerrilla FC. He submitted his 5-a-side before the big news that Arsène Wenger wouldn't be carrying on next season and as a big Gunner he is gutted.

Where I grew up, we played 5-a-side with no keeper so I am going to leave the keeper out and start out in the back.

CB Patrick Viera
He's an Arsenal legend (come back!) and a top footballer. I also don't buy into the notion that you need pure defenders in small sided matches. He'll be a good physical presence who can read the game from the back, with great technical ability, and will make marauding runs forward. Everything you'd ever want in a 5-a-side back.

LCM Paul Pogba
I want a bit of flair in my midfield - someone that can both ball on their opponent and control the game with great technique and eye for the pitch. I also want someone that can attack and be creative from a more removed position. Don't let Jose's use of Pogba fool you - he's a #10.

RCM Jack Wilshere
I also want a Brit with good technique in my midfield (and also a Gunner). Jack is the perfect combination being an annoying POS to opponents, aggressive, and technically sound. Jack would be that guy you hated playing against because he was so quick and good in small spaces and would then kick the shit out of you while defending and not get called cause there were no refs. Really allows the playmakers to playmake, while not sacrificing the quality.

Free Ronaldinho
This speaks for itself. I want Ronny to embarrass every opponent every time he touches the ball, free space for the striker, and play as someone who sparks creativity in others. If he doesn't have 5 megs a game, it's been a bad game.

ST Thierry Henry
Henry is everything. Pure goal scorer, great technical quality, quick, and a good head for the game. All I picture is him coming in from the left and curling the ball inside the right post 10 times a game - minimum - in small sided.  

Words Adrian Kidaman
Edits Justin Salhani

How to stay up with Guerrilla FC by Justin Salhani

Screen Shot 2018-04-17 at 1.28.38 PM.png

Most of you probably follow us on a social media platform. When we prepare drops, we do most of our teasing on Instagram - with a bit less on Twitter and Facebook. The thing is, we’re always looking to the future. And for us, social media is losing some of its luster.

We want to be looking down at our phones less. We’d rather be connecting with the world around us - hanging with friends, going out to shows, or playing ball. But we also realize how important these platforms are for staying connected with our community.

That’s why we’ve set up a mailing list. By signing up for this list, you’ll get a few privileges, including:

- news of drops before anyone else
- exclusive discount offers
- event invitations and news

And just so you rest easy, be sure of a couple things. We won’t sell your information and we won’t spam you (expect at most 2-3 emails a month).

We’re scheming a couple of events for this summer. And, as always, we’re working on the next apparel drops.


You can sign up by going to guerrillafc.com/contact or going to the home page and clicking at the link at the bottom of the page. And in the meantime, check out the new lookbook for the Spring Collection or peek the new releases in the shop.

Words Justin Salhani - founder of Guerrilla FC

My dream 5-a-side: Justin Salhani by Justin Salhani


Justin Salhani is a football purist. He's also the guy who has been behind Guerrilla FC since the get-go. He lives in Milan now so he's no longer a regular with Guerrilla Football Club but he still leads everything on the brand and conceptual side.

First, a disclaimer: my 5-a-side won't include Lionel Messi. I think he's the greatest player of all time, but my team isn't built to win. We're built to entertain, to suffer, and to experience the human condition. After we leave the pitch, we will have succeeded only if we've learned from our failures and grown as people.

In goal, I will have Gianluigi Buffon. His anticipation is the best I have seen from a goalkeeper. In a small sided game, I think a player like Ederson would be more useful, but Buffon has the perspective and personality to help us battle through hard times and face the darkness together.

At the base of an interchanging diamond, I would play Andres Iniesta. He is one of the most technical, skillful, and intelligent players I've ever seen. He's always calm, he combines well with players and excels at dribbling out of pressure.

On the right of the diamond, I would have Juan Roman Riquelme. His rhythm and control of the game would dominate any 5-a-side and the combination play between him and the others would be a work of art.

On the left of the diamond, is Zinedine Zidane. The most graceful player to ever step on a pitch. He can dazzle with the most simple of touches. 

Screen Shot 2018-04-10 at 5.44.06 PM.png

Up top, I would have Dennis Bergkamp. He's a player who got as much joy out of an assist as a goal and was another incredible technician. 

My manager of course would be Arsène Wenger because of his values as a man. He's someone who could teach all our players not just about sport but humanity and philosophy.

The team would be quite slow in big spaces. But I think we'd rarely have to chase the ball considering our superior level of technical quality and intelligence. All of our players bring a strong focus and have a higher ideal about football - beyond winning and losing. 

Justin Salhani is the founder and creative head at Guerrilla FC and lowsocks creative.

Words Adrian Kidaman - captain of Guerrilla Football Club

Evolution: the story behind our 2018 Spring Collection by Justin Salhani


Much like all Guerrilla FC creations, our latest drop - the Spring 2018 Collection - is influenced by football culture. And football culture is not simply what happens on the pitch, the terraces, or when a ball is in motion.

Football culture is youth culture, because it was as youth that this game infiltrated our lives and decided our futures. We wore our socks over our trackpants so they wouldn’t get in the way of our first touch at training. When the weather was cold, we’d wear a hoodie under our warmup jacket. Then, because we liked the swagger, we rocked this shit at school.

This look defined us as footballers or at the least, enthusiasts of the game. Growing up in the late 80s or 90s in the US, football was a subculture. If you saw a kid in Sambas or wearing an Adidas track jacket two sizes too big, you knew you had a potential ally against the baseball kids.

The most interesting part today about football gear is that society decided it is no longer gear strictly for football (but you already knew that, because you’ve been stunting on kids since grade school). The same should be said for our Spring Collection.

Our styling and shots (by Gabriele Lopez) of Patti, Anna, Alice, and Cristian took place in Milan, Italy. Milan is one of the global capitals of high fashion but it’s also a place up with the latest trends. Streetwear is massive here. There’s also a burgeoning creative football culture.


The shoot catches Patti looking contemplative and classy. We’ve matched our ゲリラ T-shirt with bright red leggings and a casual faux-fur coat. Anna’s soul-piercing gaze is caught in the BLACKOUT kit, which is complimented by a fluffy, pink-metallic colored jacket and a colorful headpiece. Alice meanwhile wears an olive green army jacket and purple gloves with the Shortsleeve Hoodie, which is also worn by Cri under a leather jacket with the matching Double Diamond trackpants.

These aren’t the clothes you throw on for a game of pick up or a morning jog. They’re all comfortable as hell, but that’s not why you wear them. As was always the case, Guerrilla FC’s apparel is just one part of our mission to create a holistic culture inspired by football.

This drop and the connected lookbook also show our new direction. This five-item release is the first in what will be a new series of challenging tangents we’re interested in exploring.

In 2018, we’re planning to flesh out our streetwear line. We’ll still be working with Umbro on certain products but we’ll also be releasing Guerrilla FC original apparel. We’ve got a few collaborations on the way that we hope will shatter the fourth wall limiting brands like ours to a niche.

And we hope this is just the beginning. I told Urban Pitch recently that “I firmly believe people who are up with us don’t want us to simply repeat what we’ve already done. Human beings are constantly evolving and growing. As long as we continue to have a strong message behind our projects our base will grow and evolve with us.”

Words Justin Salhani

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