Guerrilla Futsal Club


Every sunday

On Sundays, we go to church. But our house of worship is the futsal court.

Where: Petworth Park - 801 Taylor St NW.
When: TBD (usually 2pm)
How to check: Guerrilla FC’s Instagram stories or sign up for our Guerrilla Futsal Club mailing list.

Open to everyone. But beware, unlike certain dieties, Guerrilla FC is unforgiving with the megs.


Rules and regulations

Just play. Express yourself. Five to a team. Bring your squad or jump on with another group.

A recent review of Guerrilla Futsal Club called us, “very competitive but no yelling.”


Anything else?

We bump music. We applaud audacity and skill. This is about community and good vibes.

Gear is available for purchase online or in person. For anything else - get at us.

photos by Samine Joudat and Champion Slye