Guerrilla Football Club


DC's most stylish football club - on and off the pitch - inspired by the city’s subcultures and street football.

The squad plays 7 aside and is available for local, regional, and occasionally international tournaments.

Guerrilla FC's goal is to create lasting memories on the pitch by playing aesthetically beautiful and stylish football.

And we’ve just established a new 7 aside club in San Francisco.

Why FC?

Because we are a football club. We don't play soccer. Soccer is pay to play. Soccer is orange slices and minivans. Soccer is the suburbs. Soccer is MLS, post-season playoffs, and athletes over artists.

Football has history, atmosphere, environment, and culture. 

We are the misunderstood artists. The pitch is our canvas, our feet the paintbrushes.

Good team football infused with individual expression. Nutmegs are not encouraged -- they are necessary.

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well it becomes an art
- Arsene Wenger

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