Infiltrate. Create. Influence.


Why Guerrilla?

Washington, D.C.'s overarching culture is steeped in government and politics. Guerrillas are subversive revolutionaries. They fight powerful institutions and overthrow systems.

Guerrilla sought a cultural revolution in the capital. We infiltrated the city and its long ball, oversized pitch, mismatched t-shirts, rec leagues to inject it with a bit of real Football Culture.

Now, we're taking the revolution global. We're infiltrating Milan & London first. There, we'll continue creating and influencing local cultures with our message of cultural revolution.

Where there is crisis, there is a possibility of revolution - Socrates (the Brazilian one)

Why FC?

Because we are a football club. We don't play soccer. Soccer is pay to play. Soccer is orange slices and minivans. Soccer is the suburbs. Soccer is MLS, post-season playoffs, and athletes over artists.

Football has history, atmosphere, environment, and culture. 

We are the misunderstood artists. The pitch is our canvas, our feet the paintbrushes.

I believe the target of anything in life should be to do it so well it becomes an art - Arsene Wenger

Més que un club?

Guerrilla FC is a creative community founded in Washington, D.C. in 2016. Our revolution manifests through the vessels of fashion, art, and football.

Guerrilla FC encourages a positive and creative atmosphere -- on and off the pitch. We play attacking, possession-focused football with an emphasis on creativity, guile, and positive reinforcement. Our subversion comes from backheel assists (like Guti), twirling nutmegs (Riquelme), and outlandish haircuts (Pogba!).

Good team football infused with individual expression. Nutmegs are not encouraged -- they are necessary.

Off the pitch, Guerrilla FC brought a football cultural revolution to the American capital with international flavor from the shores of Africa, South America, Europe, and beyond. Now, we're expanding the revolution to Milan & London.

The revolution will not be televised. We are the revolution. We are Guerrilla.


Guerrilla Magazine Editor & Chief Justin Salhani
Resident Designers Travis Akiwowo and Carine Mechref
Roster Photographer Adrian Kidaman
Homepage Photographer Magee McIlvaine
Resident Videographer/Photographer Alejandro Davila Fragoso
Guerrilla Outreach Ambassador Raymond An
Original Logo Design Khoi Bi Phan

Guerrilla FC is a lowsocks creative project.