Infiltrate. Create. Influence.


Creative collective // Streetwear brand

Guerrilla FC is a creative collective based in Washington, D.C. The collective is using football (soccer) culture to build community.

The collective runs a streetwear brand by the same name. Each piece of gear tells a story inspired by the intersection of football culture, fashion, and subversion.

Founded in 2016, Guerrilla FC’s core belief is to bring revolution to football culture.

There was no space for a creative football collective in Washington, DC. So we made one.

The football club - seeking to revolutionize the culture on the pitch - plays year round in DC and now has a unit in San Francisco.

Why Guerrilla?

Guerrillas are subversive revolutionaries. They fight powerful institutions and overthrow systems.

Guerrilla seeks a cultural revolution. We struggled to find a culture and community where our ideas could flourish. So we created one.

Football culture is holistic. It influences and is influenced by street culture, fashion, and art.

Where there is crisis, there is a possibility of revolution - Socrates (the Brazilian one)

The revolution will not be televised. We are the revolution. We are Guerrilla.


To collaborate or hire us, send an email to or DM us on Instagram.

Champion Slye - social media/photographer
Chris 'Tepo' Ochoa - social media
Jonathan Lim - DC operations
Chris Bowerbank - DC operations

Justin Olivier Salhani - founder/brand director
Raymond An - brand strategy/LA operations
Carine Mechref - design lead
Bret Pittman - branding/sales consultant